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I am not a Politician.  I am a Texan and an Activist who believes we deserve better from our elected officials.  I care about bringing change, fairness and honor to our government.  My focus is on issues that impact everyone such as economic growth, working together on solutions that meet the everyday needs of ALL Americans and doing so while being fiscally responsible. 

I promise to serve with integrity, to represent you well, to make bold decisions to move our state forward, to apply common sense when building and considering legislation.

I am Nisha Mathews, YOUR candidate for Texas House District 93.  Join me on this journey to improve political and social justice in our great state.  Together, we can build a better Texas! 

Why Nisha?


Master of Business Administration, University of Dallas, 2014

Bachelor's in Economics, Univesity of Texas, Arlington, 2009

Work Experience


Nisha has experience in many areas- Real Estate, Accounting, Mortgage, Higher Education, and currently works in Business/IT Consulting. Nisha can be characterized as a “Jack of All Trades” and has interests in many areas such as traveling the world, Theatre Arts, Film, Dance, and Ceramics. She’s also works as a Radio Jockey and uses her radio platform to entertain as well as shed light on social and political issues. She has always been outspoken throughout her life, giving voice to many who are unable to stand up for themselves. 

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